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10 January 2017 @ 04:25 pm
04 July 2010 @ 09:56 pm
So, this morning I check on Ken's j-web and, um.

It was a lot different than usual. lol

First of all, he wrote in katakana, so I could only understand bits and pieces. The part that killed me:

bey bey my shawtyチャン達。

LMFAO. I mentioned it before, but, never change, Ken-sama. Never change.

Other than that, the pamphlet for Sakamoto's play is so adorable. So very adorable.

Your daily dose of Sakamoto. ♥
02 July 2010 @ 06:12 pm


It's so hard to believe that he's actually 31. lol

Stay happy, stay fresh, keep being you. ♥

Because we love you for it.
26 June 2010 @ 06:00 pm

I love their stylists. lol
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This gif only has relevance to one part of this entry!

Agh, my dance team is officially...terminated. It's hard to meet up when everyone is out looking for jobs or still in school. It's kind of sad. Two years! The thing is that I'm not too bummed about it. We've been together two years and we only did three showcases. We never did much, we were more like a group that hung out together after classes. We went shopping more often than we actually danced. lol

Anyway! I'm sure a good chunk of you has listened to V6's new song. I wish they would just release the date already. I hate waiting!

Also also alsooooo. Have any of you guys been keeping up with Kumagusu? I swear when VVV6 canceled I was kind of bummed that we were stuck with Kumagusu because it's not the most exciting of television programmes.

But boy was I wrong!

Lately it's been amazing. :(

The episodes with the idols have been really great though, honestly. The one I watched earlier today was a little Kamisen focused, or more like...my caps were but that's only because they were the ones doing the stupid stuff while Tonisen sat back and enjoyed the lols.

You can expect there will be idiocy behind the cut.Collapse )
19 March 2010 @ 12:25 pm

Today must be a prime example why I'm a V6 fan.

I wish Tonisen would have a shoot like this too. :(

THE APRIL WINKUP SCANS ARE...GORGEOUS. The composition of the pictures are amazing and the hair and the outfits...thank you, Wink Up. Thank you for bringing joy to my little fangirl heart. The other part of the Kamisen part was so cute. Eating cake, chatting, and being cute. ♥

I would get them! I really would! Too bad I'm broke. lol.
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21 January 2010 @ 02:56 pm
Also! This is my first post of the new year...which whoo, came by pretty fast, didn't it? I haven't even touched this journal in forever. Oh well - I'm here, it's here, it's now, it's 2010. CELEBRATE.

Since I haven't made gifs in forever, here, have some Ken. ♥

I welcome you to my journal! Yay. I'll do a short and pocket-sized intro: I'm Li Jun, 18 (soon to be 19 in February!) and a student studying economics in California. Obviously I love V6 and all the loveable guys in it. That's why I took part in that friending meme, right? lol.

Anyways, since it's 2010 I'll start with some stuff about life.

A cut in case you don't care, haha.Collapse )

I think that's it because I've been talking way too much! Plus my head hurts so I'm going to take some Tylenol, try not to trip over my dog and take a nap.
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22 November 2009 @ 02:28 am


I am! I managed to finish my English paper within an hour this morning and that usually never happens because I suck at writing a good thesis. Anyway! I went shopping today and bought some new boots. I can't help but indulge on such a fine day.

About Okada's birthday, I was planning on making gifs but my older sister came to town on Wednesday all the way from Hong Kong so I wanted to spend some time with her. For Thursday we met up and she bought an ice cream cake that said, "HAPPY BATHDAY OKADA" (her English is so cute, jesus but why didn't the person who wrote it correct her? They probably assumed that she was making a celebratory cake for some foreign dude who doesn't bathe a lot?) Anyway, we ate at the hotel and watched the Coming Century Boys 2009 concert together.

Sadly she had not seen it prior to her arrival so there was a lot of arm waving and flailing and screaming and broken English during the entire thing and a lot of . Shit, I love my sister!

She left earlier today and ugh, I miss her already. Out of all my siblings, she's probably the one I'm the closest to! She's the one that introduced me to V6 too, so without her I wouldn't be the crazy, crack, sparkly man loving person I am today.

On an unrelated note, I'm going crazy over..."over" by V6...lol. My sister brought the 12cm CD with her and we listened to it while we were waiting for her flight. If I were a bad sister I would've asked her to keep it because they all look scrumptious on the cover! ♥ Anyway! That's our song now, seriously.

GOING OFF ON ANOTHER TANGENT, my mother and her friends sprung tickets for tonight's show in Taipei, and uuuuughhh, what is this I don't even! As happy as I am for my fifty two year old mother going to my favorite boyband's concert, it's so wrong! I guess all I can really say is O WELL, because you know, life tends to get real sarcastic at the worst times. I should call her about it tomorrow so we can scream all fangirlish in each other's ear.
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03 November 2009 @ 07:54 pm

Nothing really happened since then except for my crazy new vacuum that decided to be a beast and suck up my earphones! When I pulled it out, I couldn't even find the ear buds. The wire was shredded and...it was horrible. I'm music-less until I decide to go buy new ones, which might take a while. I'm so lazy.

happy (belated) 14th anniversary, v6!

stay crazy. stay sexy. stay cute. stay crack-y.


I was going to make a fun gif post, but alas, school is killing me. November is cruel, it's three days in already and it's already making me cranky and bitchy and angry! Haha, it's okay though. My KinKi DVD is helping me get through the bad times. ♥ I'm still halfway through it though, my theory paper clearly doesn't want me to flail over shiny, fabulous men.

And now, to finish my paper...and drop dead asleep in some corner...
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19 October 2009 @ 12:23 am
On Saturday morning, my 20th Century Live Tour 2009 Honey Honey Honey / We are Coming Century Boys Live Tour 2009 DVD arrived! I felt like high fiving the delivery guy. But! I only saw the concert on the Kamisen disc, and wow. My reaction was a little something like this:


I watched it right when I got it, but Nat really wanted to see the Kamisen con, so we had to skip over Tonisen. :( We ended up watching it at eight in the morning, ate Just Bunches and tried to keep our flailing to a minimum (but it didn't even work because I LOVED IT ♥) but seriously, the dancing and the aesthetic images and oh man! Enough of my ranting, I'll shut up now.

In which I rant about Kamisen, how pretty they looked with excessive screencap + gif evidenceCollapse )

Overall, this was an amazing concert. ♥ It had Naccho and I smiling and clapping and singing like an idiot. This only makes me want to watch the Tonisen's disc and the Documentary Footage from the Kamisen disc even moooore, but I should probably be working on my paper, fml.
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